Frequently Asked Questions

I have a small crack or a ding in my windshield - is it really important that I fix it right away?

It's important for two reasons:

Firstly, if the ding is small, it may be repairable. That means Valley Auto Glass can "mend" the break without replacing your entire windshield. Repairing your windshield typically takes less than 30 minutes, and is fully guaranteed by Valley Auto Glass. If for any reason it fails, the cost of the repair will be applied toward a replacement windshield.

Best of all, in most cases, your insurance company will waive the deductible on repair service, so it's free to you! But the longer you let the damage remain without having it fixed, the more dirt and debris will collect in the break - and the more the break will spread. If it gets too big, it's very likely that a replacement will be necessary.

The second reason to have a damaged windshield fixed is for your own safety. The windshield is more than just a "shield" from wind and road dirt, it's an important structural element of your car. It helps keep you and your passengers in the car in a front impact accident, and keeps your car's airbag in the optimum position so it can function as designed. If your windshield is weakened due to damage, it could be dangerous to you and your passengers in the event of an accident. Also, damaged glass may cause optical impediments when driving, particularly at night, which is a significant safety hazard. At Valley Auto Glass, we ensure that our products and our technicians meet the very highest standards. Because, after all, we’re not just repairing your windshield, we could be saving your life

My windshield is leaking. Can you replace just the seal?

If we originally installed the windshield for you, we will come and fix the problem at no cost. We also fix leaking windshields installed by other companies - We advise you make the original company provide proper customer service and take care of it at no cost. If they will not, we can do it but be advised that this will require a new windshield. You may be shocked that we can't simply squirt more glue or patch up the leak, but in order to create a proper bond we need to remove the leaking windshield. A windshield can almost never be removed without it breaking. We have to look under the windshield and find out what is causing the leak. There are a number of reasons a windshield could leak. There could be rust, bad urethane placement, too little adhesive, uneven placement of urethane, etc.. The bottom line is that the windshield needs to be removed, which means it will break, so the technician can repair the problem and properly bond the windshield to the car. Setting a windshield needs to be done right the first time. Once it is set there is no way to go back to change a mistake.

What if my new windshield leaks?

Our windshields rarely leak, and all of our windshields come with a lifetime warranty against leakage. If your windshield leaks, call us immediately, and we will take care of the problem for you.

What is OEM glass?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacture. This means that the glass meets the original specifications for safety and quality as the glass that came in your vehicle from the factory.

Windshields may look simple, but they are actually made from two pieces of glass that are bent in a very precise way. If a windshield does not meet the exact specifications of the manufacturer, it will not fit precisely in your vehicle.

The best way to assure exact fit is to use a windshield produced from a fixture engineered to manufacturers specifications.

What about my rear view mirror?

Swapping your rear view mirror to your new windshield is part of our job. There is not an additional cost for this service.

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